Let's feel real estate

Tailor made afterworks for young real estate professionals

Experience the joy of exploring 4 new locations in and around Brussels on an annual basis to connect with remarkable young talents. In this community, there are no strict regulations. Feel free to be yourself, wear a smile, and join us in celebrating together.

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The Concept

All our events are free of charge, but require mandatory registration. Interested to become a member? We are delighted to have you on board, provided that you fulfill the following criteria's :

1. You are less than 35 years old
2. You are active in the real estate sector (B2B)
3. You must be accompanied by a current member to attend the event


Meet the team behind Let's Feel Real Estate (LFRE)

LFRE Event Coordinator



Associate Director - Asset Management - Patrizia
+32 493 40 60 12



Project Developer - MATEXI
+32 489 05 55 34
LFRE Communication Manager



Consultant Letting & Sales - Colliers
+32 492 86 11 76


Janssens de Bisthoven

Real Estate Developer - Atenor
+32 491 96 96 34
LFRE Sponsor hunter



Senior Account Manager - CBRE
+32 484 06 92 28
LFRE Event Coordinator



Real Estate Lawyer - Linklaters LLP
+32 492 95 45 01

Let's keep the good vibe


How can you sponsor us?

Support the upcoming LFRE event as a sponsor and gain excellent exposure to the vibrant community of over 750+ young real estate professionals in Belgium. We offer various avenues to enhance your visibility. Additionally, every sponsor receives recognition in our event-related emails sent to our valued members.

Host an event

Maximize your visibility by hosting an event where all our members can congregate! Are you in possession of a venue in or near Brussels that can comfortably accommodate approximately 100 people and offers convenient access? Your location could be the ideal spot for the next LFRE event!

Offer food and beverage

Our objective is to organise events that remain free for our members. If you are able to assist us in securing food and beverage provisions, we will express our gratitude by offering you prominent visibility amongst our members as a token of appreciation!

All in one

You have enough space to host an event and you are able to offer food and beverage. Great! You can be the event's only sponsor and ensure the total coverage !


As a creative team, we welcome alternative sponsorship ideas for LFRE's operational expenses (website etc.) or the upcoming LFRE event. If you believe there's another way you can contribute and support us, feel free to reach out to any of our team members.

We encourage you to request a call or a meeting, allowing us to explore possibilities and discover mutually beneficial opportunities. We always strive for a win-win collaboration !

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